My Approach

I am interested in helping you feel better and not wasting your time and money. I am direct and honest, in a humorous, easy going way. I don’t just say “How did that make you feel?” or “Mmmm”. I ask questions, make suggestions and give my thoughts, and I don’t think I know you better than you do.

We are all continually telling ourselves stories about ourselves and the world around us. These stories influence what we think and feel and what we think of as possible. My approach is about opening up more possibilities and re-aligning ourselves with our values and hopes instead of being waylaid by hopelessness and frustration.

My approach is influenced by “narrative therapy.” If you like to read theory, see these sites:

For couples, I use the Gottman method. I am a trained Gottman therapist. Gottman has studied thousands of couples and his work debunks many of the myths about what makes a relationship work. He and Julie Gottman, his partner, have identified harms to relationships and also what helps strengthen partnerships and families. John Gottman has written a variety of popular as well as academic

For an article on the weaknesses of couples counseling prior to Gottman click here. See this site if you are interested in Gottman’s approach: