50-minute session for individuals is $260
80-minute session for couples is $370

Giving back

Please note your fees allow me to provide free therapy to young adults who are aging out of foster care. A Home Within provides this opportunity.

Methods of payment:

I accept checks, cash, Google Wallet, PayPal, Square Cash, and Wells Fargo SurePay. I no longer accept Square credit card payments.

Bounced checks: Any fees associated with bounced checks will be passed back.

When do I raise fees?

I don’t raise fees during therapy. Clients who see me regularly keep the fee with which they started. If you haven’t seen me in four months or more, then my fee will be higher when you return.

Why don’t I raise fees for folks who only see me every 3 or 4 months?

I think that people, couples especially, benefit from having a session every few months after completing a period of therapy. It’s good to remember what you worked on during therapy and to consult with someone who can notice and comment on the changes that are lost in daily life. I like to encourage this type of therapeutic relationship.

Insurance and Health Savings Accounts

I don’t submit paperwork to insurance companies but I can give you receipts to submit to insurance and for health savings accounts. Further, you can pay directly from HSA.

Cancellation policy

I have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Please let me know as soon as possible. If you cancel in less than 48 hours but the session is taken by another client, there is no fee.