About Julia

Julia Wallace loves being a collaborative therapist, loves how effective it is for people to have structured conversations.  These conversations help folks examine their lives, make new discoveries and remember their intentions.  Julia Wallace is enthusiastic about hearing people remember truths about themselves, about the world, and their discoveries of what make their lives better.

In 1998, when Julia found narrative therapy (as practiced by Michael White, Jill Freedman and Gene Combs) Julia felt thrilled– here was a collaborative way to practice psychotherapy that acknowledges social forces and is effective. She chose one of the few graduate schools that teaches multiple classes on narrative therapy– Smith College School for Social Work.

She studied with Michael White multiple times before his death, had weekly studies/consultation with Lisa Berndt, attended workshops by David Epston, Stephen Madigan, and completed a two year course with Jill Freedman and Gene Combs.  She attended the Dulwich Center’s Narrative Conference in 2009, in Australia, the Narrative Confence in Vancouver in 2012 and founded SFBANTR with Will Sherwin which provides trainings in narrative therapy (http://sfbantr.org/)

Julia Wallace has been an invited lecturer and an instructor about narrative therapy, trauma, anxiety, ADHD, couples counseling, working with sex worker clients and other topics at the following:

  • University of California at Berkeley
  • University of California at Berkeley Extension
  • San Francisco State University– counseling graduate program
  • Dominican University
  • New Leaf Services
  • UCSF Alliance Health Project
  • and for private consulting groups

Julia Wallace studied Gottman couples counseling, completing the levels one, two and three as well as spending two years in weekly consultation with a Certified Gottman Counselor (Jan DiSanto).  She also studied Emotionally Focused Therapy, as created by Sue Johnson, completing level one.  She has attended many teachings by various Buddhists, including Pema Chodron, Eugene Cash, Christina Feldman, Sylvia Boorstein, etc.

Julia Wallace is a licensed clinical social worker– licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences with license number 25077.  She is a member of various professional organizations and is insured.